Christmas is in nine days. How is that possible? How has December flown by so quickly? The months fly by faster and faster the older I get, but this December surely holds some sort of record for slipping through the hourglass faster than ever before.


December is like one long race to the finish line that culminates in Christmas. Each year trying to beat your fastest time baking cookies, planning holiday menus, addressing Christmas greetings and wrapping each gift to perfection.

My Christmas cookies are ready and waiting in the freezer to be baked at a moment’s notice. At least half of the gifts on our Christmas list are purchased and neatly placed beneath the tree, and our Christmas cards went out with the mail this morning. I’m more ‘with it’ this year than I ever have been before – but I still feel like I’ve got a marathon ahead of me. It doesn’t help that this time of year is one of the busiest at my agency. It’s like one big ‘let’s see if she can hack it’ test to round out the year. Am I right?

My biggest source of inspiration during the holidays is Mike. Christmas truly brings out the big, lovable, wide-eyed kid in him that still wants to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas Eve. Attend one Christmas Eve vigil with him and you might just become a believer. Trust me. His excitement for holiday traditions make every last minute spent icing his favorite ricotta zuccarini cookies (just like his Italian grandmom did) worth it. Every. Last. One.

This post is my vote of holiday confidence to all you super women out there keeping the magic alive, and letting some guy in a red suit take credit for it. It’s cheesy, I know, but don’t forget to stop and savor the moment. Remember what it is that makes this all worth it. Remember that the best memories rarely come from ‘perfect’ moments. And for goodness sake, let’s remember that Facebook posts and Instagram photos share just a glimpse at someone’s life. What’s that pin that’s been making its way around Pinterest? Don’t compare your entire life to someone else’s highlight reel.

Here’s to savoring your own highlight reel this holiday season and letting go of the stress. Go get ’em!

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  1. Well said!!! Love your write ups brie!!! Really …I feel like i am learning a lot! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! A big hhellooo all the way from sri lanka

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