There weren’t many things I really loved about our old apartment. The position of the laundry closet five steps outside our bedroom door was probably one of the best perks of our one-bedroom place, so when I climbed the stairs of our townhouse while we toured it for the first time I was elated to see the laundry closet positioned just steps away from our master bedroom. A second floor laundry was one of those perks I wasn’t expecting to find in a house but quickly became one of the many reasons I knew this was the place for us. Now, nearly a year after moving in, it was finally time to give this functional space some much needed TLC.

This is what I started with…

Laundry Before

I know, right? Yuuuck. This closet looks the same way it did just weeks after we moved in and I shoved all those cleaning supplies and other random stuff on the shelf. Not functional at all. Nope, the clutter and dust had to go.

Speaking of dust…

Dusty Shelf

And in the spirit of keeping it real, here’s a close up.

Dust Close Up

Yup, totally horrible. I knew it was bad but when my clutter was no longer hiding this grime I was pretty appalled to find this shelf such a mess. G-to the-R-to the-O-to the -S-S. I was suddenly SO GLAD I decided to spend a random Saturday afternoon tackling this closet.

Cleaning Supplies

After emptying out the closet and sorting through all the cleaning supplies, light bulbs, sewing gear, detergents and even a spare shower head, it was time to de-dust all up in there. Thank goodness for the super suction Dyson handheld vacuum that my Mommom got me as a housewarming gift. I like to think I’ve adopted her knack for keeping these sparkling, though you wouldn’t know it by the state this closet was in. Ugh…


The walls and floors were just as dusty as the shelf, so I spent quite a bit of time vacuuming before I was ready for round two. I mixed together a trusty concoction of hot water, bleach and Fabuloso and wiped EVERYTHING down – from the shelves and appliances to the walls and floors. It was sparkling!

Laundry Closet Progress

With the dust gone, I was determined to make the closet way more functional than it had been before. I really can’t stand clutter and I’m a big believer in not storing anything that I know I won’t use. I’m a vicious purger of unused things and I’ll tell you what – I rarely miss things I give away. It’s freeing. I recommend it.

I picked up two plastic storage bins at Target to wrangle the things I decided to keep in here.

Clean Laundry Closet

The bigger bin houses all of my cleaning supplies.

Big Bin

And the smaller one keeps my rubber globes and scrub brush out of sight.

Smaller Bin

So, there you have it. All in an afternoon’s work. I’m pretty proud.

Laundry Before & After

I’m even more proud that I’ve kept it this way for more than a week now, through at least three loads of laundry and one bathroom cleaning spree. That’s what happens when you make things more function. You stop. The. Chaos. I love it!

Oh, and this happened too.

Master Closet Before & After

It was a good Saturday, that’s for sure. I have big plans to add even more style to both the laundry closet and the master bedroom’s walk in. I know these spaces are rarely seen by guests, but they’re spaces seen by me every single day – so they’re definitely worth some beautification. I’m thinking about adding a stripe of color in the laundry closet for a fun surprise hiding behind those bi-fold doors, and maybe painting the ceiling of the walk-in closet a moody navy blue and adding a fun light fixture for some added panache. We’ll see what happens. But either way, I’m happy to have these spaces clean and organized for now. That’s more than half the battle.

Have you undertaken an organization project lately? What are your favorite tips for keeping closets clutter free?

7 Comments on Freshening Up the Laundry Closet

  1. Brie Brie wonderful job, I love the bins. Under the kitchen sink in my place looks like that I must get some bins. Oh man its horrible. I think I’m starting to become a bin collector, lol I love to have everything neat and in its own place or cubbie. Gave me some good ideas

  2. Just a thought from a long-time homemaker. Those grimy dusty shelves looked like they were coated with lint dust from the dryer. Make sure the dryer vent & pipe to it are not clogged & the connection from the dryer to the vent pipe is secure & not kinked. Especially if there’s a long run to the outside.Also it’s important to vacuum inside the dryer beyond the filter, as a precaution since dryer lint is extremely flammable..

    • Great tips!! Thank you! I totally agree and think that’s exactly what happened. We had the dryer vent cleaned as soon as we moved in and it was disgusting, so I definitely think the dust on the shelf was a result of a poorly maintained dryer. How you do vacuum the inside of the dryer? Just vacuum out the entire inside or is there a specific method to it? Thanks for your help!

      • Youtube has several videos on methods. I used a long black flat-shaped flexible attachment to my vacuum that I cleaned out the lint beyond the filter. I also had a long handled brush that would loosen & clean out lint beyond the filter. I bought them on QVC years ago as a set of dryer lint cleaning tools.

  3. looks very nice, brie! but if i had light bulbs in that bin on an upper shelf like that, i’d be afraid of dumping them down on my head or the top of the washer and breaking them!
    For me, i have to be able to see what’s on upper shelves, so i’d probably have gone with something only about 4 inches deep for the bottles, and a separate bin of some sort for the light bulbs so they don’t get knocked around or possibly break when i need something that gets used more often.
    for a while, i used an older dish drainer rack under my kitchen sink for stuff like that… then i decided i wanted to use the rack for its original purpose more than for just storage.
    oh! i saw something on facebook about using a spring-loaded curtain rod under the sink or in a cabinet to hand those spray bottles. they come in lots of sizes and can fit just about anywhere.

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