I was itching to go thrifting since I started following Better Homes and Gardens East Coast editor/producer Eddie Ross on Instagram and he posted three to-die-for finds in the past few weeks. You can see them here, here and here. That bar cart and those shelves painted white or a fun bright color? Yes, please. Sign me up.

I’d love to have a lengthy list of thrift stores to hit up on the regular, but I haven’t uncovered many stores in my area. Why can’t there be a database of these diamonds in the rough? Wait, is there? Am I totally missing out on some amazing black market thrift store list? Is ‘thrift store’ a section on Yelp? If so, you better bring me up to speed in a comment!


My options were limited, so I headed to the good ole Goodwill last Saturday afternoon with visions of vintage treasures dancing in my head. As is often the case, reality didn’t live up to  expectations and a quick pass through the furniture section was sorely disappointing. A few folding chairs, an ugly TV and some sad 80s lamps were all that was left in the desolate section that’s usually packed with piles of quirky cast offs. It must have been an off day. But as you can tell from my photo above, I didn’t leave empty handed.

Old Books

Some of my favorite things to look for at a thrift are cheap, beautiful hardcover books, and I found three that fit the bill during my shopping trip. Those plastic covers can be very deceiving, so you have to look behind them to see what you’re really working with.

Hardcover Books

Hardcover Book

Ta da! How great are they?! The spines are even better.

Book Spines

Pair a stack of these beauties with a frame and a piece of glassware (hello, Mason jars) and you’ve got a stylish shelf in no time. I like to choose books based on their color and title. If the title resonates with me in some way, I’m smitten. These books ended up on a shelf in my dining room.

Books on Shelf

The best part is the thrift store price. I got all three books for just over $8. You can’t beat it! That’s what I call affordable decor. Have you scored some awesome thrifting finds lately? How have you been styling your shelves?

3 Comments on Weekend Thrifting

  1. Love it!!!! By the way, when you are over next, we have two thrift/antique stores nearby!! I finally checked them out last weekend- they have some cool stuff for cheap!!!

  2. look for an auction house. very often, they’ll have an entire box of books for $5-$20, and you can get some good finds. (heck, several years ago i was downsizing and some of my decorating books, art books and cooks books all went for $20 for an entire box! (it really hurt as some of those books cost $50 *each* 40 years ago!… but i just didn’t have the room for them any more.)
    auction places also have lots of odd assortment boxes of glassware, picture frames, kitchenware, knick-Knacks and whatever at really cheap prices.
    I like a mixture of books and ornaments on my shelves – some books flat, others upright, with a vase or ornament to set off and fill the spaces.

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