Ahhhh! I can’t even believe I typed that headline. Everything has moved SO QUICKLY these last couple weeks. As soon as we finished the master bathroom I threw the idea out to Mike that we should contact our realtor just to feel him out. Next thing we knew we were signing contracts, photos were taken and our house was officially on the market. I’m talking in less than 48 hours, guys. If you know me — you know I go big or go home when it comes to executing an idea. 🙂 Our house went up for sale on the day of our fifth wedding anniversary which seemed kismet. The whole time we were sort of like HOLY CRAP what are we doing?! But it just felt right. And we were excited.

Fast forward several showings (read: lots of daily tidying. Lots. I’ll admit I was neurotic) and our house was sold in 8. freaking. days. 8 days guys! I like to pat myself on the back and think our updates and my “staging” helped, but I also think the market is hot in our area right now and there wasn’t much competition. Also, major kudos to our realtor (I’m looking at you Conrad Kuhn) for pricing our house right. The offer was for full ask. No negotiating. Needless to say we were thrilled!

One of the coolest things about listing our house for sale was seeing the photos our real estate photographer took of the house. After putting nearly five years of work into this home it felt so good to see the final product. Are you ready for a tour?! Check it out!

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We’re officially under contract on a new house but I want to get through the inspection process and make sure it’s a sure thing before sharing any details. It’s an older single family home that’s chock full of character but definitely needs some love. Needless to say I’m excited about the possibilities! Has anyone out there moved lately? Do you have any tips to share? What helped you stay organized while packing and unpacking? I need all the advice I can get!

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  1. I love your house! So beautifully decorated, with my husband being in the military and moving every few years I’ve learned a lot about moving. The best tip I give everyone is bubble wrap… everything! I’m sure you won’t be moving far but it’s seriously saved some of our most prized pieces. Also, relax.. it’ll be over before you know it and you’ll have no craziness to worry about!

    • It’s so funny you say that Alice because I totally agree about the bubble wrap. My motto has been better safe than sorry. Great tip — thank you!! I appreciate it!

  2. How exciting for you, Mike – and Cody!! Congratulations! Sending good wishes that the new house deal works out just as smoothly as your sale went.
    I’ve moved too many times over the last 20 years so I consider myself an experienced packer.
    My suggestions would be to start packing the things you know you won’t need, working your way to the things you use often right before the move. Keep a box (I like a coloured bin type container) or two for essentials that will go in the car with you, including whatever tools you will need for setting up beds and electronics, as well as kitchen and bath essentials so you don’t have to go searching through stacks of boxes. We all hate to pay for boxes however keeping your box sizes uniform makes loading a truck so much easier. I usually packed in three sizes with a few odd ones here and there. Heavy stuff like books in small boxes. I could go on and on haha, forgive me, hope this helps!

    • Oh my gosh, Lori! These tips are amazing! We were so lucky and our neighbors a few doors down moved about a month before our settlement date and they were nice enough to give us ALL their boxes. The concept of having a “Day 1” box is awesome and I’ll definitely be doing that. Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave some advice for me!

  3. Congratulations, Brie and Mike!!!! Your house looks fantastic! Magazine worthy!! You have a good eye for design. I’m surprised you’re asking for tips because you’re so organised and detailed!! I moved a few months ago to a second home-future retirement home. I’ve moved a few times and have used this method of packing. Pack whatever you don’t use now. Get yourself a notebook and as you pack a box, number the box and list what’s in there. When you’re ready to move, buy color stickers-an different color for each room. Then instruct the movers what color(s) go in what room!! Now even if you don’t unpack every box, you’ll have the notebook to refer to when you’re looking for something!! I’ve told lots of people of this method and they loved it!! Even the unorganised became organised. Good Luck hunting for a new home to beautifully decorate. 🏡♥️

    • That’s a great tip, Lorine! I bought the stickers and ended up writing the contents of each box right on the outside of the box. It seems to be working really well so I hope it makes for an easy move — if there is such a thing! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. How fantastic! Your styling helped I’m 100% sure.

    So fun to have a project to do.

    Best wishes to you and Mike.

    Sad u wont get to use the new bathroom much but lots of ideas to take to new place.

  5. Hi Brie, your house looks beautiful. I loved the way you decorated it. In my 5 years of being married I moved 7 times and in 2 countries, the only thing I learnt is to have a book and color code everything. Its a bit tedious but I wrote down the contents of each box in my moving book, this way I didn’t have to dig into every box belonging to the kitchen or bedroom. I hope this helps. Best wishes – Shweta