Welcome to our new home! I can’t believe we moved almost three months ago. We house hunted for six weeks. We moved. I started a new job. The holidays came fast and furious (and we hosted gatherings for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve). We went on vacation. And then my grandfather passed away. It’s been a whirlwind, but I’m finally feeling like my head is above water and I can start getting settled in. Which means I’m finally getting inspired to decorate and make the space feel like ours, as evidenced by this photo of the formal living room I posted to my Instagram Stories last weekend.

But before I get too far down the road on any projects, I want to start by showing you the house as it looked the day we moved in. It’s very neutral, basic and builder grade, which will be a great jumping off point as I begin to infuse my style and personality into every square inch. Though I keep reminding myself that it took me four years to “finish” the town house and this place is nearly double the square footage — so pacing myself will be the name of this game. We’ll be in this house for the long haul so I want to be very deliberate with my design choices and do projects that are meant to last. I got to flex my design muscle for the first time in our last house and I’m bringing a more mature eye and color palette to this home. I can’t wait to share my design journey with you!

Okay, you’ve waited long enough! Welcome to the new Casa Genovese!

Home Office (aka Mike’s Man Cave)

Formal Living Room (Brie’s Home Office) & Formal Dining Room

Downstairs Powder Room

Laundry/Mud Room

Family Room


Formal Dining

Sun Room (off of Kitchen)


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Guest Bedroom 1

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom 2

Guest Bedroom 3


Well, what do you think? I’d love to hear your initial thoughts! Thank you for taking the time to scroll through all those photos. I’m hoping this gives you a good frame of reference for all the projects I’m planning to share in the future!


27 Comments on House Tour

  1. Those windows! 🙌 seriously though what a beautiful open concept style home, I love it! I am so happy for you both! I’m excited to see what’s ahead I love the way you decorate! I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of that process! congratulations! 🍾

    • The windows and natural light were a serious selling point for both of us. I have so many great rooms for all kinds of plants! 🙂 And the open kitchen/family room/sun room is ideal for entertaining. You totally hit the nail on the head as to why we love this place. Thank you so much, Jennifer! Stay tuned!

  2. It’s fantastic! A great blank canvas for you to work with and tons of space to fill; what fun!! Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to seeing everything you do!

  3. What a lovely home for you! I am thoroughly jealous, as here in the UK you have to spend a fortune for a property of that size.

    The front hallway is so grand! I will enjoy seeing what you do with all the rooms over time.

    I very much like gardening, as I treat it like another room. Are you going to be injecting some more greenery, raised borders, flower beds, herb areas etc. in the garden?

    Have fun creating!

    • Thank you, Joanna! You’re so right about the difference in size between homes across the pond. But I also envy all the charm and history of your properties in the UK!

      You better believe I’ll be gardening! My grandmother is an expert and I’ve already been tapping her for ideas. We want to plant trees and have a flower and vegetable garden but I think we’ll need to take baby steps. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Our back yard slopes toward the house so anything that will soak up water would be helpful. I’m also having fun filling the house with plants! 🙂

  4. Brie, your new home is gorgeous! I love your style and cant wait to see what you and Mike do with all that awesome space…and love the living room! I am moving soon too so give me some inspiration!

    • You’re too sweet! Thank you so much! Good luck on your move. Having a plan for where all the boxes/furniture would go (and having everything well labeled) are the best moving tips I received. Cheers to you!

  5. Love it!!! Great structure and floor layout. We have moved 14,times. So you have a great house to put you own touches on. Wishing you happiness and fun in your new home.❤️

    • I don’t know how you have moved 14 times. We’ve moved 3 times and I don’t want to move again any time soon. Major kudos to you! And thank you for the well wishes! <3

  6. Love your new home! It’s so big too. Most people here in Holland are used to smaller homes, especially in the city. We live in Amsterdam, near the city center. Succes with decorating!

    • Thank you! When people first asked me, “So, what do you have planned?!” I felt totally overwhelmed and didn’t even know how to answer that question. Now that we’ve been in for a few months and I have some time to breathe the ideas are flowing and I’m super excited. Can’t wait to share more!

  7. Oh wow that is a huge house! And yard! I think I love that awesome window in the sunroom.
    Coming from Melbourne (Australia) where housing is getting smaller and smaller and completely unaffordable it is amazing the bang for your buck you get in your area. I can’t wait to see what you do with it all.

    • I’ve been told by friends and family that the rooms look smaller in person. I think they look much bigger without furniture & decor! But you’re right, we definitely get more bang for your buck in South Jersey. Thanks, Rosie!