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Embracing Change

I owe you guys a big old update on the house front. If you’ve followed my Instagram Stories lately you probably know we moved last Wednesday so, long story short, HOUSE #6 WORKED OUT! Cue the cheering and clapping and popping champagne! After so many set backs during the house hunting process Mike and I were so scared to get excited before the ink was dry. Even as we walked out of our realtor’s office after making settlement on the new place I still sort of had to pinch myself and make sure I wasn’t dreaming. We had this lingering feeling that the bottom was going to fall out some how. But by 3 PM that afternoon the movers had arrived with our stuff and things started to feel real. We were able to take a deep breath and realize all our hard work had paid off. It was finally happening.

Mike snapped this quick photo on moving day last week!

If you know me you know I can’t do things normally. I always have to go big or go home. And boy did I decide to go big this fall. Not only had we put our home on the market and started shopping for a new one, but I also made the decision that it was time to make a change in my career as well. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, but it was time to move on from ArizonaEast and refocus on my core competency of communications. Little did I know my next step would be an all-too-familiar one. I’m very excited to have rejoined theĀ public relations firm where I began my career back in 2010. I accepted a position as their Director of Digital Strategy. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m thrilled at the chance to hone in on theĀ things I’m passionate about, from social media to influencer marketing and more.

Things happened to work out so I was able to take a week off between leaving ArizonaEast and starting my new job which made moving so much easier, but it was still such a huge undertaking. There’s a reason they say it’s one of the most stressful events in your life. Add to that a painful ankle sprain that had Mike laid up the entire weekend before the big move and the pressure was seriously piling on. I’m just now emerging from the haze of putting life on hold to get through this huge change, but now that all the hard stuff is behind us I’m feeling energized and excited at the chance to look at life through a new lens. I took a ton of great photos while the house was still empty so I’ll get them posted ASAP so you guys can get a feel for the layout and flow of the house. Stay tuned!


So, don’t promise to start blogging more when you’re jumping head first into a new job. It leads to yet another blogging hiatus. Sorry about that.

These beauties have been keeping me busy…

I’ve fallen (even more) head over heels for succulents since starting my job at ArizonaEast (don’t visit our website yet — that’s one of the projects on my docket) and have been learning A LOT!

The beauty of signing on with a small, quickly growing company is that I’m marrying my PR skills, marketing know-how, branding expertise and social media savvy with this crazy new world of business strategy, logistics, growth projections, business development and product design. Do you have any idea how hard it was just come up with a title for my position? #LinkedInproblems.

But the chance to see a company explode with growth right in front if my eyes is exciting, and the opportunity to get up from my desk a few times a day to put my hands in the dirt and create products from such gorgeous plants is truly soothing to my soul (and my strained eyes). I feel blessed every day at the unique opportunity I’ve been given at such an early time in my career.

To be honest, blogging hasn’t been what I thought it’d be. I found myself being too much of a perfectionist to post regularly and that’s just not keeping it real. So with the business of starting a new job I opted to ignore the blog rather than posting anything less than ‘the best.’ What is the best, anyway?

I’m realizing every post doesn’t have to be an amazingly intricate DIY project. I have to remember the whole point of blogging is opening up and letting you guys get a glimpse of my (not so) fabulous life whether it’s picture perfect or not. And what IS real is the fact that I LOVE all the DIY projects, crafts, cooking, entertaining and decorating that was my motivation for starting this blog — but there’s more to me. So buckle up and get ready to accompany me on this journey that is La Vie de Brie. It’s not perfect, but it’s me. And that’s a-okay in my book.

If you agree, leave me a comment to let me know you’re with me!